Programs and topics

Susan conducts programs, virtually and in-person and speaks on several topics including:

Managing Your Career

Learn to:

  • Align your goals with your organizations’
  • Identify and leverage your strengths
  • Advocate for yourself without stepping on others
  • Build powerful relationships

Authentic Networking


  • What networking is and isn’t
  • How a diverse network is critical to your career success
  • How to build a supportive network  
  • What to ask from and give to networking contacts

Tapping into Resilience through Personal-Mastery


  • What is resilience and why it’s vitally important
  • How to help employees avoid burnout and stay engaged without guilt
  • Practical strategies for building resilience during times of challenge

Managing Imposter Syndrome


  • How self-doubt negatively effects organizational productivity and engagement
  • Organizational contributors to imposter syndrome
  • Strategies for managing the inner critic

Profit from the Positive


  • What research shows on the benefits of positive emotions in the workplace
  • How positive emotions contribute to creativity, productivity and team engagement
  • How focusing on employee strengths, demonstrating empathy, recognizing accomplishments, and rewarding goal attainment builds positive emotions

Influencing Up

Learn how to:

  • Identify who has power and influence over your career
  • The difference between a mentor and a supporter and why you need both
  • Pinpoint the skills you need to move up 
  • Gain visibility for your ideas and proposals

Managing Your Career Brand

Learn to:

  • Understand why branding is not self-promotion
  • Build your brand to show your value
  • Create content to demonstrate your expertise and build credibility
  • Help your organization’s brand by leveraging your thought-leadership 

Ace the Interview

(available on knowable.fyi)

Learn to:

  • Prepare for an interview
  • Use the art of storytelling
  • Calm your nerves
  • Nail the tough questions
  • Ask the right questions