Stop allowing critics to rent space in your head! Are you looking for more in your career than a paycheck? Whether you feel a mild dissatisfaction or intense dislike for your current job, the goal is clear: to feel good about what you do. To find the right career fit, you have to let go of the inner voice that says you’ll be happier if only …

At some point, you’ll need to rethink your assumptions and take a new approach. In this transformative book, Susan Peppercorn brings you a step-by-step guide to help you develop the tools and resources you need to overcome imposter syndrome. 

Through personal experience, client case studies, research on happiness and motivation, self-assessment tools, and exercises, she shows you how to create a realistic career vision, set goals, and line up the right resources to take control of your career and happiness.

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Ali Wilkinson, Coach
Takes the path to finding career satisfaction to a whole new level

Susan has unlocked what makes thriving in our careers so elusive. In this unique book, Susan embodies her amazing career coaching approach into written form–by integrating positive psychology, personal narratives, and a deep dive into how criticism, negative thinking, and shame hold us back, she offers both grounded research and practical resources to make it personal for the reader. As a leadership coach, I am looking forward to sharing this with my clients who want to overcome their fears and their committee of critics and see how moving beyond their limiting beliefs and assumptions will propel them forward in all aspects of their life–professionally and personally.