Susan is an experienced speaker and workshop facilitator. Some of her most frequently requested topics include:

  • Resilience
  • The How of Happiness
  • Situational Leadership®


  • What is resilience, and why it’s vitally important.
  • How to help employees avoid burnout and stay engaged without guilt.
  • Practical strategies for building resilience during times of challenge.

The How of Happiness

  • What research shows on the benefits of positive emotions in the workplace.
  • How positive emotions contribute to creativity, productivity, and team engagement.
  • How focusing on employee strengths, demonstrating empathy, recognizing accomplishments, and rewarding goal attainment builds positive emotions.

Situational Leadership®

The manager’s role is becoming increasingly complex, and adaptability is the key to organizational resilience. Situational Leadership® equips managers with the skills to pivot to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges by providing them with a robust foundational understanding of the Situational Leadership® Model.

Susan is certified to teach Situational Leadership,® a highly engaging and impact-focused program for leaders to match their behaviors with the performance needs of the individual or group they are responsible for influencing.